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Did you know that refilling
your gas grill propane tank
costs less than exchanging?

Tank "exchange" companies usually
charge up to 33% more than refilling
- and some are known for not completely
filling tanks. Get your tank refilled at Clark
Farm today and get your money's worth!

refill propane tanks at clark farm lawn and gardemn

• Gas Grills
• Campers
• Fork Lifts
• Lawn Mowers
• Lunch Trucks
• Construction

...even Zambonis!

clarkfarm propane
Refill propane tanks instead of exchanging them - And Don't Get Ripped Off!

You may not be getting what you pay for when you exchange your empty propane tank for a "full" one! Propane customers across America are complaining that pre-filled propane companies are giving them less fuel, for what is usually up to 33% more money. Agencies across the country are now investigating "short-filling," a term used when a prefilled tank isn't filled to its capacity, but is presented to the consumer as "full."

The quality of Amerigas propane - with the service Clark Farm
is famous for!

As you plan your outside activities, make sure you have a fresh tank of propane! Nothing can ruin a well-planned grilled meal faster than having the propane run out. Bring your tank by today. Clark will also inspect your propane tank and valves for no extra charge.

food is better when cooke on a propane grill
Is Your Current Propane Tank Still Safe to Use?

To refill your propane tank,
it must have been manu- factured within the last 12 years - or have a new date and an "E" (qualifying it for another five years). It also must have a collar and foot ring, and an Overfill Pro- ection Device (or OPD) to prevent overfilling.

Visit this link for complete propane safety information.

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